Turn your house into a home with ALLSORTS ARTS!


Spend an afternoon with our artists to create vibrant, DIY and breathtaking items to decorate your house into a home.


Let the Karen, Sally and Grace into your home, they will show you how to create things by yourself that will turn your house into a home. ALLSORTS ARTS has itemised episodes of Crafts with Caren, Scrapbooking with Sally and Gardening with Grace.


Sally loves scrapbooking. It comforts here when she is alone at home on Saturday nights… actually most nights.


Caren has built her life around being a home maker & having the perfect home. Her crafts are all she has left since her children have grown up & her husband now lives with his secretary.


Grace loves spending all her time in her garden to get the full potential out of her plants! She finds it comforting that, unlike children, when plants die they don't ruin your marriage. And you can simply buy a new one.


6 Mins


Jennifer Monk